Year 2 visit the Museum of London

We went into the oldest part of London today to find out more about life in 1666 and the Great Fire of London. We had a Blue Badge Guide who led us around and showed us lots of interesting things. We learnt that the secrets of London are all in the names, and street names tell you a lot. She took us to ruin churches that had burnt down, and to see St Paul’s Cathedral that was rebuilt after the fire. We were also led down some tiny lanes, just like they would have been in 1666. Did you know, the lanes were so narrow, you could lean out of your window and shake hands with your neighbour! We also spent time in the Museum and looked at lots of artefacts, including a bread oven and a leather water bucket that they would have used to put out the fire.

Our guide was extremely impressed with how much we already knew, and how well behaved we all were. We enjoyed learning some of the secrets of London and being history detectives.