Filming in Year 5

We have had so much fun bringing our play scripts to life and filming our films.

We submitted a ‘Job Application’ for the role we wanted (i.e.: Director, Co-Director, Editor, Assistant Editor, Actress, Camera Operator, Lighting Director, Props & Costume Manager) and once our applications were approved by Mrs Avdiu and we knew our roles and responsibilities, we began filming. We faced some challenges along the way but we all worked as a team to create our films.

It was handy having a green screen to shoot some of our scenes. In using a green background, it allows a separate background to be added to the final image. This means that we can add any background we wish once we begin editing!

We cannot wait to edit our films and show them to the parents at the Year 5 Film Premiere which is being held at the Wallace Collection big screen on Monday 19th March at 11am.