Year 6 are Resilient!

During our Building Learning Power afternoon, we learnt more about being resilient. Through discussion, Circle Time and some fun (but frustrating!) computer games, we found out how to be more resilient, how to persevere and why it can be helpful to struggle our way out of a ‘Learning Pit’.

Here are some of our thoughts on being resilient:

“Learn from your mistakes.”

“No matter how many times you fail, you can always get up again.”

“Never stop trying until you succeed.”

“Never be negative to yourself as it will bring you down.”

“I was resilient when I won a taekwondo fight even though at one point the score was 20-5 to my opponent.”

“When you show resilience you bounce back like a ball. You never stop trying until you succeed.”

“If you can’t do something, think instead ‘I can’t do it YET’.”

“Have a good attitude and forget the meaning of ‘can’t.’ “

“Stay happy and never give up. Keep calm and carry on!”

“If you fail, don’t dwell on it. Learn from your mistakes.”

“If you’re down, pray and then get back up. God will help you and give you courage but everything else is up to you.”

“Keep on trying and believe in yourself and eventually you will succeed.”

“Everybody makes mistakes- it’s not the end of the world.”


To find out more about ‘The Learning Pit’, watch this helpful video:

To develop your perseverance, have a go at one of the games that we played: