Class 5 Feel the Force at the Science Museum

Today Class 5 visited the Science Museum to enhance our knowledge of Forces, which is our current Science topic. At school, we have been learning about the three influential scientists in the evolution of the theory of force – Galileo, Newton and Einstein. So could you imagine our surprise, when we actually met Sir Isaac Newton, in the flesh!

Sir Isaac Newton was impressed with our excellent prior learning and our questions. He helped dispel any misconceptions that we had about forces.

Then we proceeded to our Feel the Force show, which was extremely entertaining, for both the children and the adults. The show helped reinforce our knowledge of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion through an interactive and visual manner. We also learnt about magnets and electromagnets, upthrust and submarines, rockets and air resistance. Emilia and Guy even helped Liz (the presenter of the show) fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a helicopter!

Thank you to the SVPA who funded the trip and our lovely parent volunteers who came with us today, you helped make the day a success!