St. Vincent’s Planetarium

This morning, as part of our Science week activities the children explored and discovered more about the Solar System , especially the moon. The hall was transformed into a planetarium for the morning with each class enjoying an immersive experience in ‘Space’.

“I really enjoyed it because it made me think about lots of facts that I had forgotten about such as  the order of warmth in stars.” JD Yr 1

“I enjoyed it because I learnt the the sun is ball of fire. It was really fun and I felt as if the sun was coming towards me!” AA Yr 2

“I loved seeing the sun with the planets going around it. It was so exciting because I’ve never been in a planetarium.”

“It was so exciting-it felt like we were going into space!” LA Yr 2

“It was fun going into the planetarium and being more interactive. We enjoyed learning facts, for example we learnt that if a man weighed 120 kg on Earth he would weigh 20kg in Space because there is less gravity… When the sun rises its 100 degrees and when the sun sets it’s minus 150 degrees.” CLDR & CON Yr 6