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Enterprise Week

18 October 2021 — 22 October 2021
Whole School

This year our annual Enterprise Week will be held from 18th-22nd October.

At the Enterprise Week Launch, each class will be given a loan of £25 to produce a product to be sold. Each class will have to create a name, logo to represent their company and an advert (that will be filmed) for everyone to watch to try and persuade children to buy their products!

Once all classes have watched the adverts, the children will decide what they would like to order and complete online order forms during their lessons. After all the order forms have been completed, it will be time to create the orders! On Friday 22nd October, all the orders will be ready and the children will collect their products.

All products will be £1 and the children may bring in a maximum of £2 to spend.

Through Enterprise Week, we aim:

·         To awaken the creative potential of children, providing them with opportunities to generate ideas and make them happen.

·         To improve children’s using and applying mathematics skills through problem solving in an enjoyable, real-life and meaningful context.

·         To promote financial management and enterprise skills for life, such as risk-taking, making financial decisions, managing a budget, being resourceful and taking the initiative.

·         To provide children with the opportunity to use their God-given talents and work as part of a team, respecting the contribution that each person has to make.

·         To continue to build our learning powers, focusing on reciprocity as we work as a team, resilience as we will not give up even if we face challenge, resourcefulness as we decide how to make out product and finally reflectiveness when we evaluate our products and the processes at the end of the week.

This is a fun week to end the first half term with lots of cross curricular learning opportunities!