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Invaders & Settlers

Creative Curriculum
As part of our topic, we will look back in history to learn how the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings invaded and settled in Britain. Please follow this link to the BBC website to learn more about how and why the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain, how Britain was ruled during that time and what life was like for civilians. This will be a good starting point to find our more about the Viking invaders and settlers.


For this term, we will be learning about the properties and changes in material. We shall be learning about separating solutions through a range of techniques and investigating the effect of chemical and physical changes to materials. To widen your knowledge of how some materials are made and different chemical and physical reactions, you can watch a range of video clips on the BBC website.

We will also focus on exploring how scientists work in the real world. This will include looking at the discoveries of famous scientists, the methods of forensic scientists and the various ways scientists share their new finds.

There are many online games to make spellings more enjoyable to learn. Here is a link to support one of our spelling focuses on words with silent letters.