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Summer Topic

Our new topic for Summer is ‘Wish you were here/Around the world’.

We will begin with ‘Wish you were here’. During this topic we will find out about British seaside holiday’s with a Victorian times history focus. We will compare seaside holidays in the past to present and will explore key attractions at the seaside. We will also find out about the human and physical features of a beach.

Have a look at some beach photographs here:

Try this fun quiz about seaside’s:

During the ‘Around the world’ focus Class 1 will explore holidays around the world. Children will look at the world map and will learn about different cultures and traditions in countries around the world. Class 1 will find out about the role of a travel agent and will visit the local travel agent to find out information. We will also find out about beach safety and will learn about lifeguards and their job at the beach.

Find out interesting facts about lifeguards here: