The Young Curators are preparing for our next Tour

We, the Wallace Collection Young Curators,  have been busy preparing our first tour of the new school year starting with Take Over Day on 17th November 2017. Year 4 will be taking over the museum and we will be giving a public tour at 1.00pm.

The Young Curators have been working on their scripts with Ms Gardner Sharp, Lynda and Rachel.

We met with Jurgen, our Senior Furniture Conservator who gave us lots of information about the amazing clock  we will be presenting, and even opened the clock up for us.

Whilst preparing for our tour we discovered the reserve collection. The reserve collection is where the Wallace Collection keep all the objects that are not being shown in the galleries. There are a lot of objects in the museum but the other objects which don’t fit or are being cleaned up are safer in the reserve collection. It is also were they take photos of the objects for the website.

As we walked through the door, we found a secret maze filled with treasures. We walked through the narrow passages, surrounded by boxes stacked to the ceiling. Every time we turned we found another small room filled with marvellous objects.​

Come and join us on Friday 17th November at 1:00p.m. to see what we have chosen to be included in the tour…

ELV (yr6)