Year 5 visit the Houses of Parliament

When the Romans settled in Britain, they spread their laws amongst other things. The laws of many European countries are based on Roman law!


Today Year 5 visited the Houses of Parliament to see how these laws are made today. They were given a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and they learnt many incredible facts along the way! They also took part in a workshop where, through role play, they were able to pass a law through parliament. Year 5 decided that the law they would like to introduce is to ‘ban petrol-fuelled cars.’ First this bill was debated in the House of Commons and then it went to the House of Lords for further debate. A.M. kept control over the House of Lords as Speaker. We even had the opportunity to stand in Westminster Hall, which was where Guy Fawkes was on trial in 1606! We found it very amusing that today is the 5th of November…

We had a great day!