A visit from Florence Nightingale

This afternoon, Year 2 were treated to a special visit from Florence Nightingale. She talked to us all about her life growing up, and how she had to sneakily read science books at night because her parents didn’t want her to become a nurse. We then travelled to the Scutari hospital, luckily it didn’t take us over two weeks like it did for the real Florence! In the hospital, we were trained by Florence to clean the hospital, roll bandages and then take care of wounded soldier. She showed us how she checked on them at night, and got her nickname ‘The Lady of the Lamp’.

After, she taught us a song that she taught the soldiers and about the people she met after she became famous. She met Queen Victoria who gave her a special medal. She also met Mary Seacole, who was another nurse in the Crimean War. She realised that the Scutari hospital was so far from the battlefields that many soldiers didn’t make it, so she built one on the battlefields!

We had such a great afternoon learning about some real life superheroes!