Anti-Bullying Week in Year 5

In PSHCE we have been learning how to recognise bullying in all its forms through role play and identifying ways to make a change.

We also really enjoyed our creative workshops delivered by Mrs Duffy. We produced beautiful posters for her door. We hope by having inspirational quotes and words of encouragement on it that they will be inviting and attractive enough for children to want to knock and ask for support if needed.

In our Computing lesson we learned all about what it means to have a ‘digital footprint’ and we developed strategies to help us “think” before we speak, post, or send anything online. Before posting anything online or before speaking out loud we should always ask ourselves …

T : Is it TRUE?
I: Is it INSPIRING someone to be a better person? Is it IMPROVING anything?
K: Is it KIND?

If not, don’t say it or post it!

We realise that sometimes it’s not easy to tell an adult something is wrong so thank you to our classmate WR for creating our Worry Box. We can write a note and slip it inside knowing the teachers can support us and monitor a ‘worry’ if needed.