Art4space Mosaic Art Workshop

Class Three thoroughly enjoyed their Art Mosaic workshop. As a school we wanted to create and display our mission statement ‘Together through Christ we Grow and Learn” this is something we value very much.
After drawing lots of design ideas along with the other classes, Art4space a company that makes mosaics drew up a design for us which was perfect!

They came into school this week to deliver workshops to all classes. Each class worked on a specific part of the mosaic. Year 3 had an important part of cutting with special tools. They were then able to add some colourful tiles to the piece. It was a really interesting session finding out about the process of making mosaic and it is great to be part of a big project like this!

We are so excited to see the finished piece in the hall in a few weeks time. Thank you to Art4space for their excellent workshops and time involved in planning and designing our vision and a special thanks to the SVPA for funding the project!