Year One have been very busy collecting data and showing what we found using graphs and pictograms! We collected fruit during a ‘Handa’s Surprise’ board game and we had to transfer the data into a graph to show what type of fruit we collected and how much of each fruit we collected. We also had to compare our findings with our partner to see who collected the most fruit.

We used the computers to transfer our data into graphs too.

Here are some more of the questions we have been investigating:

  • Which eye colour is the most/least common in Year 1? We found out that the most common is brown and the least common is green.
  • How many cubes can you hold with one hand? Who can hold the most amount of cubes in one hand from each group? The most amount of cubes that were held in one hand was ten!
  • What is the most popular birth month in our class? We found out that April is the most popular birth month in our class.
  • Are names with 6 letters the most common in our class? We found out that names with 6 letters are not the most common. Names with 4 letters are the most common in our class.

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