We are having a great week of learning and we especially love learning about Dinosaurs.  Together we made a mind-map of all the things we already know about dinosaurs and the things that we want to find out. We made our own dinosaur skeletons using cotton buds. We learnt that skeletons support our body and if we didn’t have bones we would be very floppy!

In the classroom we found two dinosaur eggs. We thought about what could be inside them and we  held them to describe how they felt. We then wrote about what we thought was inside. We learnt to write the words ‘hatched’ and ‘egg’ using our sound mats to help. We have also been doing some floating and sinking and learnt a new word – ‘prediction.’ We are also having lots of fun in our dinosaur museum and we have learnt to pay our entry using 50p coins.

Have a look at the photos.