Discover the Wallace Collection with the Young Curators

This afternoon the St.Vincent’s Young Curators once again made us proud by demonstrating their impressive knowledge of the wonderful treasures of the Wallace Collection. The children were based at different stations across the collection where they presented an informative, interactive talk to their friends, family and members of the public.  Well done to you all!

The  museum that day was extremely busy, and the Young Curator spoke to lots of visitors, who were all very impressed by their knowledge of the collection! Here is what visitors had to say:

‘So lovely to see the next generation talk so vividly about historic artworks!’
‘Thank you for all the information which makes the visit mean so much more. We will remember all you told us, much better than reading about the item ourselves.’
‘The most professional and at the same time the cutest performance I’ve ever seen! Super entertainment!’

The different Discovery Stations are below. How much do you know about these items? If you would like to find out more, please come along and join us at our next event which will be held in the Summer Term.

Front State Room-Ice Cream Cooler

Smoking Room-Palissy Dish

European Armoury II -Equestrian Armour

Oriental Armouries-Ceremonial Mace

West Room-Mrs Robinson

Great Gallery-Apollo & the Cumeaean Sybil