Goodbye from Green Team (for now!)

As we say goodbye to each other for a little while, Green Team like to share some of our thoughts with you:

“Myself and Green Team are sending you lots and lots of love.” BK (Nursery)

“I have enjoyed the Green Team so far and I think you should have a Happy Green Easter.” JS (Year 1)

“I am excited because I am the new person in Green Team. I want to do the garden when we get back.” LK (Year 1)

“Happy Easter from me.” AD (Year 2)

“Can you please switch off your lights between 8.30 and 9.30 in the night-time? It is called Earth Hour on Earth Day on the 28th March.” CE (Year 2)

“We planted crocuses in Paddington Street Gardens . . . And they have grown. Hooray. Go and see them to get some fresh air!” CO (Year 3)

“Happy Easter and don’t forget to be green and turn off your taps.” R DS (Year 3)

“I have enjoyed Green Team so far because of the trip to the park and doing the air quality tubes and talking to the parents and the governors and because of the fun.” MA (Year 4)

“In Green Team we have planted crocuses. I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the SVPA for all their support for the school. “SL (Year 5)

“Have a lovely Easter. Remember to care for each other and stay green.“  MB (Year 5)

“Happy Easter!” CC (Year 6)

“ I am very grateful to go to WE Day, it was really good.” A M-B

“WE Day was very fun and taught me the importancs of a lot of things in the world, like teamwork. I am happy to have been able to go to the concert.” HA (Year 6)

“Have a green Easter by remembering to stay green and enjoy it too. Stay healthy and happy.” JN (Year 6)