Learning about other faiths: Judaism

Today we were very fortunate to welcome Ruth, from Judaism In Schools, who is supporting us during our learning about other faiths. The day started with a whole school assembly. It was really interesting, especially learning from a Jewish person who could share their real life experience. Ruth brought lots of resources with her and made the assembly fun- -two  children  in Reception dressed up in a kippa and a white garment to cover their shoulders!

We learnt:

  • about the importance of the Torah; the content of it and how it was used
  • Joseph is the most popular name in the Bible and the Torah
  • about the clothes that they wear at the synagogue such as kippas (men have to but it’s optional for women)
  • that you become an adult when girls are 12 (Bat Mitzvah) and when boys are 13 (Bar Mitzvah)
  • about Ruth’s sister who is more orthodox . They both celebrate Shabbat.
  • when children are learning  Hebrew they sometimes have a tune to help them
  • that Jewish people have piece of the Torah in a special box outside their house that reminds them to be kind.

It was interesting to learn about the similarities and differences to our religion. We are looking forward to our class workshops later today and learning even more about Judaism.


By AB, JC & JN, Year 6