Lent Prayer Boxes

During Lent, we remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. To help you to do this with your families, we would like to invite you to share our special Lent Prayer Box with your family at home. This is to help us remember the importance of the Last Supper and the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Every day,  a family will receive the Lent Prayer Box to take home that evening. As a family, we ask you to please take time to stop and think about how special the Last Supper was and the self-giving of Jesus.

There will be a leaflet inside the box which will outline the steps you need to follow at home. The Eucharist leaflet can also be found here: Eucharist Leaflet

You can find the song ’Jesus You are Bread For Us’ by Christopher Walker on the audio link below.

Please use the bubble wrap to protect the chalice, paten and candle holder before returning to school. Ensure the box is click locked securely and bring it back to school tomorrow with all the contents inside. It is very important that the Lent Box and the contents inside are well looked after so that the next child can enjoy it with their family.

We hope that the experience will bring you closer to God and will strengthen your faith!