As part of our topic on Keeping Healthy, the artists from the October Gallery visited Class 1 for a workshop in the hall. They explained how we can create a calmer mind. We were even introduced to Yoga!  We had the opportunity to explore the book ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies – a story about how a little girl starts to use her mind to keep doing something that makes her happy and the people in a whole city happy. She overcomes a problem through mindfulness and knowing how she really feels. Just like the little girl, we all took an acorn seed home with us and promised to plant it.

Next, we travelled to the October Gallery  and we were so excited to have the whole gallery to ourselves!

Upon arrival, we had a very healthy lunch before discussing and exploring the paintings of Gerald Wilde. It really inspired us to illustrate our own planets in the art gallery! We used a wide range of materials (including cartridge paper circles, salt and rice) to explore colours and textures. First, we created miserable and dull-looking planets. Shortly afterwards, we created bright, colourful and healthy planets.

Finally, we laid on the ground, closed our eyes and imagined the healthiest planet that we could possibly imagine. We visualised planting our acorns on a really miserable planet where all of the aliens who live there are unhealthy and sad. Once we planted our acorns, we imagined how healthy the aliens became in body and mind.

We had a fantastic time! Thank you to all the adults who supported us on this trip.

Here are some of the questions we explored today:

How do you know if your body is healthy?

How do you know if your mind is healthy?

What can people do to keep healthy?

the promise