Nursery Religious Education


In Religious Education, we have been learning about the story of the presentation of Jesus at the temple. We listened to the Bible story. We pretended to be the priest reading the story in church.  We acted out the story. We looked at  pictures. We learnt a special Candlemas song ready for our school Mass. Now we can talk about the story:

Melchior: “Carlos was the old man Simeon and Constanza was Anna. I was Joseph and Chiara was Mary.  Simeon was happy because he went and see the baby Jesus. The story is from the  Bible. Father Christopher reads in church.”

Carlos: “I am Simeon. He is very very old. The  Holy Spirit said to Simeon to go to the temple. At the temple he hold the baby Jesus. He was happy because he saw the baby Jesus because he didn’t see him for a long time. Jesus is the son of God. It’s from the Bible. ”

Marcus: “I am Simeon. He went to the temple because he want to see baby    Jesus. He is happy because he see baby Jesus. God told him to go to the temple.”

Sophia: “Simeon and Anna went to the temple and saw the baby Jesus. He brought him very great joy. He was the son of God.”

Luca: “So it’s baby Jesus and Simeon and Mary and Anna. I am Joseph. They get      Simeon and Anna to come to the  temple and then Simeon hold the baby. He can die a happy man because he seen the saviour of the world.”

Mikey: “Jesus went to the temple with Simeon and Anna. They were happy because they haven’t seen the baby Jesus for a hundred years. He is the son of God.”

Maya: “Jesus and Mary and Joseph go far away to the temple. They see Simeon and Anna.”

Sienna: “Jesus went to the temple. Simeon was holding the baby Jesus. He was happy because the baby was born and it was the son of God.”