Nursery Under the Sea topic

Our new topic in Nursery is ‘Under the Sea’.

We have been looking closely at models of under the sea creatures and reading lots of ‘Under the Sea’ books. We have been talking about what we already know and what we would like to find out.

What do you already know about ?

Marcus: “I know that I like the two scariest things under the sea- sharks and jellyfishes!”

Rosa: “Octopuses live there and fish and sharks and whales.”

Rocco: “There’s some alligators down the sea. Crocodiles under the sea. Sharks are under the sea. Fish is under the sea.”

Philippa: “I got whales in my sea book.”

Madeleine: “Under the sea is sharks and fishes.”

Nicolas: “Some shark eat the crab.”

Moses: “Jellyfish, they go under the sea and they go next to the sandpit and they sting and they dive.”

Melchior: “Turtles live under the sea and octopus and whales.”

Maya: “I swim and water in my mouth. The fish live.”

Chiara: “Dolphins live in, Jelly fish live in and little fish live in.”

Cesar Ca: “Under the sea there’s a crab and a star and a jelly fish.”


What do you want to find out  about?

Alexander: “Everything!”

Leonardo: “Important things!”

Sophia:  “How dolphins jump so, so high.”

Sienna “How does a shark swim?”

Cesar Ce: “Octopus.”

Basia: “Fish.”

Constanza: “Fishing and water.”

Ryan: “I want to know why the anemone stings.”

Mikey: “I would like to know about the sea animals and what they do and where they live.”

Luca: “What is at the top of the sea and the bottom?”

Juliana: “I would like to know if there are any seagulls under the sea.”

James: “The little fish.”

Paola: “Fish.”

Harlow: “What animals lived in the sea?”

Carlos: “I want to learn all about them-I mean all like up the sea or are they down the sea or what they eat.”

Please go to our blog to tell us more about your favourite ‘Under the Sea’ creatures.