Planting Crocuses for End Polio Now

Earlier this week the Green Team helped The Rotary Club of Marylebone to plant crocuses in Paddington Street Gardens as part of their END POLIO NOW campaign. Rotary International is dedicated to the world wide eradication of polio. Purple Crocuses are the symbol of the End Polio Now campaign because each person receiving polio drops is given a purple mark on their finger to show they have been immunised.

The Green Team had a wonderful time and have each contributed to a summary of the activity:

LDL, “On Monday we went to Paddington Street Gardens and we spoke to the Rotary Club about gardening.”
CC “Then we planted crocuses, which are purple flowers that grow in the soil.”
CC “I found it fun.”
SL “Tom showed us what to do.”
AMB, “I put the bulbs onto the soil and we all planted them.”
JS, “There were lots, but it didn’t take long.”
MB, “There was ONE THOUSAND!”
CE, “In February they will come up and grow.”
RDS, “They were planted around the statue of the little boy.”
JF, “The one with the missing shoe.”
MA, “We can’t wait to see them next year!”
NDL, “We had a nice time.”
AD, “The rain was raining but it blew away before we got there.”
MB, “Please look out for them next spring.”