Reception visit Regent’s Park Allotments

On Monday we visited Regent’s Park allotments.

At the allotments, the children explored the wide variety of fruit and vegetables being grown. Today they told me that they had enjoyed looking for purple spiky artichokes, trying sage and smelling lemon balm. They spotted ladybirds and bees buzzing around the garden too.

The children enjoyed creating small plant pots from newspaper, which they then filled with soil, put in seeds and brought back to school. We are looking forward to the pea shoots growing as we will be able to taste them.

Afterwards, we went to visit the local pond where we saw Canada Geese, Coots and Moorhens. We even saw some tiny Moorhen chicks that were cheeping very loudly.

Finally, it was lunchtime, so we spread out our parachute, got out our bears and set up our picnic. Thank you to all the parents who accompanied us on our trip.

Miss Savage and the Reception team.