Reception visit the Wallace Collection

Today we went on our first trip to the Wallace Collection. Sir Richard Wallace used to live there and he liked to collect things. We thought about what we liked to collect and the most common thing we collect is shells.

We looked at a painting of Queen Victoria. We used our eyes to spot the different things in the picture and then we dressed up one of our mummies to look like Queen Victoria, using the objects we could see in the painting.

Then we made our own crowns so we could be like Queen Victoria!

Then we went to another room to see all the armour. We learnt the word gauntlet, which is like a glove. We got to try it on and it was warm and heavy.

After that, we went up to a huge room and looked at a painting with lots of animals. We had lots of fun imagining the noises from the painting and making animal noises! We then drew our favourite part of the painting.

It was a great trip and we can’t wait to visit the Wallace Collection again!