Recycling Workshop

Today we welcomed Cllr Karen Scarborough (Marylebone High Street Ward), who is also a governor at our school and Gemma Monaghan, Project Officer Waste & Recycling, City Management and Communities, to speak to the St.Vincent’s Green Team and School Council about the important work that they both do.

Cllr Scarborough told us about her role in the council and how she tries to help people with recycling, for example by checking the bins are collected, and she also helps to ensure the streets are kept clean of rubbish.

We watched a slide show of what we should put in the recycling bins. Gemma showed us the conveyor belts that are used to separate some rubbish.She told us that some of the non recyclable rubbish can be burnt and turned into power for homes.

We liked the talk a lot because it was very interesting and we learnt alot of new information. Thank you for coming to speak to us.

By OA and JD Year 2 Green Team representatives

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