This morning, Year 5 were thrilled to welcome their family members into school. They prepared them a hot drink (from a selection of black tea and herbal teas which they have been learning about in DT) and then showed their fantastic 3D models of their settlements.

Next each settlement group gave a presentation to the group using PowerPoint to back up their main points they wanted to make. In their presentations they discussed:

  • The name of their settlement and why those chose this name
  • The name of their tribe
  • Who their allies and enemies were
  • The system of government they have chosen (they had a choice between a democracy, dictatorship, anarchy or monarchy)
  • Laws to govern their settlement
  • Any natural disasters which would possible pose a threat to their survival

Well done to everyone in Year 5! You have shown that you have developed some excellent survival skills in our topic and by the looks on your parent’s faces, they were extremely impressed by all that you have learnt!