Tyburn Convent

Today our Pupil Chaplaincy team visited the Tyburn Convent in Hyde Park Place and were taken on a fascinating crypt tour by Sister Mary, a contemplative nun.

Unlike apostolic nuns, who take part in the community, contemplatives vow to spend their lives behind convent walls and devote their entire lives to prayer.

Sister Mary reminded us all that it was important, like the great martyrs of Tyburn, to defend our faith and always stay true to what we believe in. She talked us through her calling from God and explained how, even though she was not permitted to step foot outside the convent or own any materialistic possessions, she felt ‘at peace’. Sister Mary did a great job of answering our many, complex questions!

We visited the tomb of Marie Adele Garnier, the Tyburn’s Foundress and learnt all about the martyrs who died because they were caught attending or leading Catholic masses at a time when Catholics became victims of religious persecution, many condemned to death at the Tyburn. The Tyburn nuns commemorate their sacrifice and us curious visitors were able to see the shrine of the martyrs’ remains!

We then prayed for those in need and went to the small chapel to sit in silent adoration for twenty minutes. We left feeling very inspired and full of the Holy Spirit.

Sister Mary is hopeful that many of our families will visit the convent soon – she wanted us to know that all of the St Vincent’s family are warmly welcomed there.