In your Home Learning folders there are instructions for how to log into J2e.

All children in have a log in to access J2e. It is a wonderful resource with lots of activities you can do at home.

JIT5 is aimed at Key Stage 1 and there are lots of fun things to write and draw on there. You can also do some coding and create different graphs.

Lots of KS2 children will be familar with ‘j2code‘ as they use that in their coding lesson. See if you can make patterns by giving clear instructions.

J2blast has lots of timed spelling and times table games for every year group. There are also arithmetic questions for Year 2 and Year 6 children.

The J2office is like an online Word document so you can do lots of writing on there. J2e is perfect for making posters with words, pictures and drawings all combined into one.

The best thing about J2e is that, no matter what you do, you can save it and finish it off later. Plus, your teacher can see what you have done and mark it! You can even export it and share it on the School website on your class blog!