As part of Takeover Day our Young Curators led an amazing tour of the Wallace Collection. The theme was Our Favourite Things’. Here are some of their thoughts about the tour:

” It’s really fun learning new things every day, both about the past and the present.”

“We are very lucky to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“This has built up our confidence and given us better presenting skills.”

“It’s great fun to be able to handle pieces of art and sometimes they open up special objects for us to look inside.”

“I was privileged to be able to write a label for an object. It was amazing because I didn’t think a child would ever get the chance to do something like that.”

“Thank you to Emma, Edwina and Mrs Gardner Sharp for all of your support.”

“It would be great to see a bigger crowd-please come along to our next tour.”

Newspaper Club wrote an article about the event:

On Friday 20th November 2015, St Vincent’s press team visited the Wallace Collection’s takeover day tour presented by their young curators. A large variety of pieces of art were presented to the public; this experience was very intriguing and exciting for us and the other visitors. During this fabulous tour we learnt about the past of the museum and all the wonderful stories behind it, including the owners such as the Red Herring, Sir Richard Wallace and his wife.  Diya and Sam presented us the ‘’Ankus Goad’’ which is used to train elephants and it is richly decorated with gold and gemstones. We also learnt about Snuff boxes which were used to hold tobacco, which was only for rich people.

The press team interviewed the young curators, who said lot of positives comments such as: “I like everything at the Wallace Collection, but especially the tea-tray service.”

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at the Wallace Collection and can’t wait to go again.