Year 2 Judaism Workshop

Year 2 had a wonderful workshop today to learn more about the Jewish faith.

We were learning all Shabbat which is the Jewish day of rest. When God made the world, He made the world in six days and then He rested on the seventh day. (CE)

We saw a Torah, which is a special scroll like our Bible. It wasn’t a real one because the real Torah is kept in the synagogue and you can’t touch it. (EH)

You can’t touch it with your hand because it will smudge, you have to use a special pointer. (IM)

First we made covers for the Chullah bread because we were getting ready for Shabbat. (RR)

We made a candle like the ones they would put on their table (JC).

We got to taste the bread and wine (grape juice!) and it was really tasty. (JK)