Year 5 celebrate diversity

For PSHE this week, Year 5 have been celebrating ‘World Week’ by considering the lives of people living in other places, and people with different values and customs.

We asked ourselves: What would the world be like if everybody were the same?

Mrs Avdiu split the class into groups: those that loved cheese sandwiches the most, those that loved bacon sandwiches the most and those that loved tuna sandwiches the most. She then said only the children who love cheese sandwiches could take part in a fun activity. Luckily, she was only pretending but it taught us a valuable lesson! We should not discriminate others because of who they are or what their preferences are. Sometimes children are laughed at because of the food they eat and we all agreed this was really unfair and not kind.

We know that the range of national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the United Kingdom should be appreciated and celebrated and we did just that for our Cultural Assembly and by dressing up in clothes that represent where we come from.

We have also been looking at different case studies and having discussions about how we would respond. Here is one we would like to share with you. How would you respond in a way that is kind and represents our British and Christian values?

Jena is a girl who has recently joined your class. She previously lived in the north of England. One day you are eating lunch when one of your classmates says: “Look at that weird food that Jena has brought for lunch! Yuck!” You say “…….”