22.5.20 English (Publishing)

Good morning Year 1!

I was very pleased to see so many of you write lots yesterday! You have used lovely adjectives to describe your favourite colours and lots of you have named objects that share your particular colour- well done!

Today you will finish your writing if you haven’t already done so. You can take a picture of your writing, or type it into the box (if your fingers don’t get too tired)! I will add a gallery of all your lovely work!

A reminder of your writing task:

If you have finished your writing, think about these things and remember to read back your work!
1. Have I read back my sentences to check that they make sense?

2. Have I used adjectives (descriptive words)?

3. Have I used capital letters and full stops?

4. Have I used my sounds?


One last poem before the half term!

Well done for all your brilliant learning. I miss you all and hope to see you all soon! 


3 comments on “22.5.20 English (Publishing)

  1. I finished my drawings today for my writing!

    Have a great half term Miss Travers!

  2. Laura 🙂 says:

    I’ve already finished my English.

  3. Miss Travers says:

    Well done both of you! Brilliant learning this term!

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