Ancient Britain

Welcome back!  This term class 3 will explore the history of Ancient Britain!  This includes delving into the history of the Stone age, Iron age and the Bronze age.  What would you like to find out about Ancient Britain?

9 comments on “Ancient Britain

  1. What tools were invented in the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods?

  2. Hand axes and fish hooks were made of stone.

  3. Was their furniture made all out of stone?

  4. Yes, they did have furniture made out stone and artefacts with statues made out of just stone.

  5. How did they find their food?

  6. Nicholas l says:

    They found their food by hunting.

  7. Stonehenge was built for weddings, ceremony’s, special birthdays and when people died. In the Iron Age they learnt more.

  8. Was everything made out of stone?

  9. Yes, I think they did make everything out of stone.

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