This term, we’ll be studying Ancient Greece for our topic and I know you’re going to enjoy it – the Ancient Greeks were an incredible civilization, advanced way beyond their years and pioneers for so many things we have today!

To introduce our topic, we’ll be going to the British Museum to explore the Parthenon gallery and enjoy a presentation about Ancient Greek myths. Following our trip and over the course of the term, we will be:

·      asking ourselves what we already know about ancient civilisations and reviewing how they developed over time in relation to Ancient Greece.

·      explaining why some historians argue that ancient Greece was the most influential period in European history.

·      looking at the wide range of Gods and Godesses worshipped by the Ancient Greeks

·      comparing the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta

·      analysing Ancient Greek artefacts and understanding what can be learned by archeologists.

·      considering the achievements of the Classical Golden Age and its influence on the modern world.

·      looking at the most important philosophers of ancient Greece such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

·      critically evaluating The School of Athens and considering what this tells us about Raphael’s view of ancient Greece.

·      focusing on Alexander the Great and how he spread Greek ideas and culture?

In Art, we’ll be using Greek architecture for our drawing module and we’ll be using Ancient Greek architecture to help us learn to shade and draw in 3D.

In English, we’ll be reading ‘The Odyssey’ by Gillian Cross (an incredible story of a man’s determination, resilience and misfortune – written by Homer in 700BC) and using it as stimulus for writing opportunities. For our shared reading lessons, we’ll be reading ‘Mythologica’ by Steve Kershaw and Victoria Topping, a fascinating book all about the different Greek Gods and Goddesses. ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’, a light-hearted fantasy about a modern 12-year-old boy who learns that his true father is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is another book we’ll be reading.

To begin our new topic, I’d like you to write three different interesting facts about Ancient Greece in the comment section. If you already have three interesting facts about the Ancient Greeks you’d like to share, great. If not, you could do some research (you can use the internet of course but don’t forget about the books we have in the classroom!). I’m looking forward to learning some new facts about Ancient Greece I didn’t already know!

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  1. Jaidee🎀 says:

    My Three Facts :
    The Ancient Greeks typical breakfast would be bread dipped in olive oil
    Dogs were the most common pets in Ancient Greece
    Ancient Greeks used stones for toilet paper!

  2. Ancient Greece is the birthplace of Western philosophy, literature, mathematics, history, drama, the Olympic Games, and democracy.
    Greece is home to the oldest capital city in Europe, Athens.

    Women were not allowed to participate in or watch the ancient Olympic Games.
    The ancient Greeks invented the theatre.. From their political systems to their art, literature, philosophy, and architecture, the influence of ancient Greece. From the origins of democracy to their gods and goddesses. Ancient Greece was split up into lots of city states.
    Some of the more popular ones are Sparta, Athens, and Olympia.
    Each city had different laws, government and even their own army. In Ancient Greece it is believed that a man called Pheidippides ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens. He wanted to announce the news of the victory of the battle of Marathon. The word marathon originated from ancient Greece
    This is where the race comes from and why it is so long.

  3. Daniela🗿 🥳 says:

    Here are three facts about Ancient Greece
    1.The spartans left their babies if they looked weak and sickly on a mountain to die!Thats because they and babies that will grow into strong warriors so they had to look strong.
    2.Spartan boys were stealing and spartan warriors thought stealing food was good except getting caught was bad
    3.The Ancient Greeks were actually the first to make a vending machine which spewed out holy water! This guy called Hero Alexandria made the first vending machine!
    I hoped you liked these facts Mr Aitken see you!

  4. Sebastian Y5 🔥 says:

    Ancient Greek Facts!

    The 3 facts I have to share with you about Ancient Greece are..

    1. Ancient Greeks used stone Insted of toilet paper! It may come to supprise but ancient Greeks had no toilet paper in that time so there was a list of endless fake toilet paper in many other countries!

    2. The Romans copied the Ancient Greeks! it may be surprising but all the things the Romans did came for the ancient Greeks. In most of the Roman structures and buildings you can see that they are very similar to the ancient Greeks buildings and their life style was very similar

    3. The Ancient Greeks hated beans! You may be thinking maybe they just didn’t like beans like some people don’t like a specific food but it’s a way crazier reason than u thought! Ancient Greeks thought that fava beans contained the souls of the dead! So they thought it was deadly to eat them.

    Those are my 3 facts I hope u enjoyed it and learned something new about Ancient Greece!

  5. Juliet Year5:) says:

    I know a few things about the Greeks like…..

    1) myths like The three headed dog and The wooden horse

    2)a lot of gods and goddesses

    3)what they created like philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, literature, theatre, sculpture, architecture, democracy, the gear, screw, rotary mills, bronze casting techniques, water clock, water organ, the torsion catapult, the use of steam to operate some experimental machines and toys, and a chart to find prime numbers

  6. Ancient Greeks were found in 1300bc to 500bc
    The ancient Greeks are from the northern part of the civilisation
    Ancient Greek was apart of the dark age

  7. Ancient Greek facts :

    Many ancient Greek people believed that if Zeus , King of the Gods , was angry with someone he would hurl lightning down at them .

    Only men were allowed to act in plays .

    The Greeks had a festival for Athene , Goddess of war , that lasted 6 days .

  8. Sparta (part of Greece) was famous for its strong, fearless fighters

    Many Greek men had beards. It was fashionable to keep them neatly trimmed

    There were festivals for the gods, with music, dancing and sports.

  9. James Year 5 =] says:

    1) The Ancient Greeks came up with the concept of demokratia, or ‘rule by the people’, thus establishing the world’s first democracy. However, it lasted for only 185 years.

    2) Ancient Greeks did not call their land ‘Greece’
    An interesting fact about Ancient Greece is that its inhabitants did not call it Greece. The Greeks called their nation ‘Hellas’ or ‘Hellada’. Additionally, its official name was the ‘Hellenic Republic’. The Ancient Romans came up with the word ‘Greece’ which was derived from the Latin word Graecia for ‘land of the Greeks’
    3)Contrary to popular belief Ancient Greek statues were not always white. Once upon a time they were painted with vibrant colours, however, over time the colours faded to the monochrome we see today. Sculptures such as the ones seen in the Parthenon Frieze were once painted in a wide array of colours.

  10. 1.The ancient Greeks cleared sea’s which had pirates
    2.Ancient Greeks had many wars with the Persians but finally conquered the Persians with Alexsander the great
    3.All the gods lived at a place called Mount Olympus

  11. Hello Mr Aitken, did you know?

    The Ancient Greeks had marathons in their days! In Ancient Greece it is believed that a man called Pheidippides ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens.

    The alarm clock was first made in the Ancient Greek times! An engineer called Ctesibus created a system where pebbles would be dropped onto a gong*. This makes a loud sound which is way different to the beeps you hear today.

    The Greeks called themselves Hellenes! They did this because at that time, the country was called the Hellas.


    Gong: A metal disc with a turned rim, giving a resonant note when struck.

  12. Ancient Greeks lived over 3000 years ago.Ancient Greece was divided into several small city-states,each with their own laws,customs and rulers.They also invented theatres,they loved watching plays and most cities had a theatre.Events at Greeks Olympics included wrestling,boxing,long jump,javeling,discus and chariot rasing.
    The greeks also had to compete naked!!!

  13. Tomi Year 5 says:

    Alexander the great spread the greek culture by his massive empire called the Macedonian Empire which stretched all the way from greece to India.

    The similarities between sparta and Athens was that they were both Greek Kingdoms and they also had like a group of allies because of like a small cold war that was going on at that time.

    There were 12 Greek gods at the time living in Mount Olympic which the Greeks used to believe in and the religion of the gods was Greek Paganism and they did rituals,sacrifices and festivals to honour them

  14. It may come as a suprise to many,but there was no toilet paper in classical Greece!The list of things people from different cultures of the world would use before the invention of toilet paper is really endless.It includes tree leaves,corn,coconut shells,sheep wool and sails(for those who can’t afford it),sponges tied to rods or plain water.But,arguably, it is the Ancient Greeks who make the difference!For particular hygiene purposes,they used stones,pebbles of ceramic peices.Useful information to remember if you ever camp in the woods or at a beach and you run out of paper.

  15. Olivia y5🥰 says:

    1. The Ancient Greeks used pottery to tell stories that already happened.
    2. The ancient Greeks made up different Gods with each their different purpose to understand the world (and how it works) better and easier.
    3. Women were not allowed to take part in the Olympic games only men were.

  16. Gabrielle says:

    Facts about ancient greece:
    People have been living in Greece for over 40,000 years.

    The earliest settlers lived a simple hunter-gatherer or farming lifestyle. This is similar to Prehistoric Britain.

    The Greeks loved sport and the Olympic Games were the biggest sporting event in the ancient calendar.

    Only men, boys and unmarried girls were allowed to go to the Olympic Games.

    Married women were not allowed.

    However, women could still own horses in the chariot races at the Olympics.

    Princess Cynisca of Sparta was the first woman to win a race as a chariot owner against men.

    Unmarried women had their own festival at Olympia every four years. This was called the Heraean Games.

    It was held in honour of Hera, Zeus’s wife.

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