Our first topic in Year 4 for the Autumn term will be Ancient Rome and Roman Britain!

This is an exciting topic as we delve into looking at the impact the Romans had on Britain after they had invaded with their fierce and large army. The Romans stayed here for over 400 years and brought many interesting ideas with them. We will be learning about the impact they had on Britain, and the rest of the world.

Each week you will have Curriculum homework which links to our topic posted on Google Classroom. You will be able to use the skills and knowledge from the homework in our lessons!

Homework will commence from Monday 11th September.

Before then, I would like you to find out more about the countries that the Romans invaded as an empire. Use a child-friendly search engine such as Kiddle to answer the following questions as a comment below:

1.) What countries did the Roman Empire include? Some of them might have different names than you are used to.

2.) Do you know any interesting things that the Romans created/invented? If not, find 3 things the Romans built in England.

3.) What would like to learn about during our Romans topic?

Well done for your first week back Year 4! I look forward to reading your answers!

Mr Garnet

21 comments on “Ancient Rome and Roman Britain Topic

  1. Have fun with this topic year 4!It was really fun for me!ENJOY!

  2. Did the Romans ever lose when they were fighting? When did Julius Caesar die? I really like this topic and I look forward to learn more!

  3. Learning about ancient Rome is fun because we never learned about Rome before and it is good to learn new things as we go though the school year.

  4. I can not wait to learn more about the fascinating Romans!
    I wonder how many battles they won and lost?

  5. The Romans built houses, roads and baths. There is even a city called bath in England!They invaded Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain and Egypt.

  6. Florence Y3🤗 says:

    This topic sounds so interesting year 4.

  7. I am really enjoying learning about Roman Empire, as I am curious about what happened in the past. Moreover I am a Roman, as I was born in Rome, so I am very excited to know about the amazing buildings, conquests and artworks Roman people did.

  8. I love Roman’s because there are lots of different facts about them like that emperor octavion’s adopted son killed his farther (emperor octavion)!

  9. 🤨César🤨 says:

    The Roman Empire invaded Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Greece, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The Romans invented catapults, chariots and bottlenecks! I would like to learn why the Roman Empire was so big in the first place.

  10. The Roman Empire included France,Italy,Spain,Germany and many more! The Romans invented central heating, public baths and measurements. We know that the Romans were great buildings and built great things like Amphitheatres and Colosseums but how did they do this and why?

  11. 3 things I learnt about the Romans are they took over lots of countries, invented central heating in Britain and also invented catapults, chariots and bottlenecks. I would like to know how the Romans ended. I think the Romans had a negative influence on Britain because they made British people become slaves even though it was Britain’s country.

  12. 1. Romans conquered many countries, they did races on carriages and they worshipped many deities, each for every aspect of their life.
    2. I would like to learn more about Romans’ language: Latin.
    3. I think that Romans had a positive influence on Britain because they brought in laws, roads, litterature and most of the best things still present in nowaday Britain society.

  13. The three thingsI learnt about the Romans so far is they built lots of places and things that we still know and use today such as Bath/the place, calendars, central heating, sewers the road and lots of other things.Since they invaded lots of countries people thing the Romans were bad but actually in some ways they helped us in life!Think about it all those things I have listed and even more things we wouldn’t have had today if the Romans didn’t exist!In my opinion I thing the Romans had a big influence on Britain!I would like to find out more about why they left Britain?

  14. The Romans are the reason we now have central heating. The invented roads and chariots. I would like to know which country was the most Roman populated.

  15. Three things I learnt about the Romans is that they separated the Roman Empire into the eastern and western empire. I also learnt that they called country’s other names like Britain they called it Britannia. The last thing I learnt about Romans is that they invaded a lot of country’s like France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Britain but anyway they had a huge Empire. A thing I would like to know is how many battles did the Romans ever lose. I think that the Romans have a positive influence on Britain because they built roads, buildings, temples, theatres and a lot more.

  16. We have learnt that the Romans invaded Britain, they invented central heating and built roads. I would like to know if they got on well with the natives of Britain after they invaded.
    I would say that they had a positive influence on Britain as we know it today as they made transport easier (the roads they built are still used today), they set up systems to govern the country and many of the words we use today come from their Latin language.

  17. Three things I learned about Romans are: the Romans were some of the most fearsome people, the Romans invented so many things, they invaded loads of countries. I would like to find out about all the emperors that ruled the Roman Empire. I think that the Romans had a positive influence on Britain because they helped us with so many things and showed us their great inventions.

  18. Hadrians wall ,when the romans split there invaded countries and the two people who made and named Rome.

  19. The three things I learnt about the Romans , they built lots of places, they did races on carriages , they invented central heating.
    I think they were a positive for Britain as they did some really good things.

  20. The three things that I learned about the Romans are: 1. They were fearsome fighters, that didn’t like loosing battles, 2. They were good at building structures that we can still see today, 3. They worshipped different gods
    I would like to find out how did they build Hadrian’s wall without their enemies knowing.
    The Romans had a positive impact, because they introduced different things like laws, religions, constructions and roads.

  21. Ryan Year 4 says:

    We learnt many things about the Romans. They invaded Britain in AD43 and changed many things about this country such as:building well constructed roads, central heating and baths.

    Even though they were sometimes mean, I think the Romans were a good influence because they improved things like transport and education.

    I would like to learn more about Latin which is the language that the Romans spoke.

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