Class 5 Reading Blog!

Hello Class 5!

I would love to know about all the books you have enjoyed reading (especially all the books you will read over Half Term)!
I am sure your friends would love to hear about any books you recommend too!

Please use this blog to discuss books you have read.
What did you like about your book?
Who was your favourite character and why?
What surprised you the most?
Can you compare it to a book we have read in class?
If you could, how would you change the ending?
Have you read any books by the same author?

Most importantly, make sure you read and respond to each other’s posts. Perhaps someone has read the same book as you? Or maybe you have some questions for someone about a book they have written about?

I can’t wait to see read about all of the wonderful books you are enjoying!

From Miss Lee 🙂

41 comments on “Class 5 Reading Blog!

  1. I am currently reading Percy Jackson and the titans curse and i have read the first book of heroes of Olympus. my favourite my favourite character in Percy Jackson is Grover because he is really funny and in heroes of Olympus my favourite character if Leo because he has fire powers. what surprised me the most is that in Percy Jackson Thalia was about to destroy Olympus but they helped her come to her sences. it is like Percy Jackson and the lighning theif. I haven’t read the ending yet so I’m not sure. yes i have read Percy Jackson and the lighning theif, heroes of Olympus and i would like to read the trials of Apollo.

  2. Nina(´・ω・`) says:

    The book your reading is really good i have read it twice ( titans curse )

  3. Miss Lee says:

    Hello Holly, it is great to hear that you are reading more of the Percy Jackson books after we read the first one in class! I think these books have been popular with lots of people in Class 5!

  4. Well I kind of wanted to read the book and you told me the ending but I don’t really care cause it wasn’t in a lot of description. The book is always fun to read! (I guess)

  5. I have just finished reading the hunger games which is very interesting! My favourite character is probably Katniss because I think that she is very resourceful and brave. What surprised me the most is that Katniss returns to district 12 as it was destroyed by the Capital. I think that, as well as Percy Jackson, in has a certain danger aspect to the plot as well as the adventure theme. If I could change the ending then would go back to district 12 with the others instead of going to district 2 for a different job. No, I have not read other books by the same author yet but I plan on doing so soon!

  6. Nina(´・ω・`) says:

    I loved that book! My favourite character is also Katniss !! 🙂

  7. Miss Lee says:

    Hello Clara, it is great to hear you have enjoyed these books and well done for making a comparison to Percy Jackson! I think some other children in the class have read The Hunger Games, I wonder if you all have the same favourite character?

  8. Nina(´・ω・`) says:

    There is this other book collection which i am about to start and it is apparently extremely similar to hunger games , I can’t remember the name but i will tell you when i do .

  9. Apparently it’s a good book! I haven’t read it though!
    Does anyone have a hunger game book to lend me?

  10. Nina(´・ω・`) & Ella (^_-) says:

    During these past week we have been reading : Then , Soon , Once , After , Maybe , Now .( A very formal note -take note this is not in the right order ).

    This is very intriguing and interesting story . It is about a boy called Felix (who is a jew) and how he survived the war . We would recommend this book to 9 + because it is very sad at some parts because many people die and some bad things happen so we would recommend this age .

    I have also been reading The Double Helix . This book is about the team of scientists who discovered the structure of DNA .It may sound boring but it is almost like a mystery because sometimes you think it’s right but then you realise it’s wrong .
    My favourite book ever is the hunger games it is by far (in my opinion ) the best book i have ever read , i will not spoil anything (this is also ellas favourite book )

  11. Miss Lee says:

    Wow you have been busy reading! It is great to hear about all of these exciting books, I might have to read some of these in the half term!

  12. Stella 😂🤣😅🥲😉☺️ says:

    Cool recommendations!
    Do u guys have the hunger games?
    I am dying to read it. I will check out the other books too!
    When you wrote We have been reading :then, I thought it was then that you had read it as in the time! 😂

  13. if anyone has read the Percy Jackson series, who is your favourite character?

  14. Hmmmmm I think it’s…. Annabeth.

  15. Nina(´・ω・`) says:


  16. For me it’s probably Annabeth but like have any of you read Demi-god diaries? Well it’s basically explaining about the betrayal before it happened. This is hoe it goes:

    Leo and Thaila follow a goat. The goat leads them to this house. It is an enchanted house. The son of Apollo lives there as a punishment because (he could see the future) he saved a little girl’s life by telling her the future. There are monsters which use him to lure their prey into a room. The guy tells Leo’s future. They say there will be a sacrifice, fire and a betrayal. This was set before th enlightening thief. The betrayal is the one we know.

  17. During the past days, I have started reading Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix by J.K. Rowling. I have also read “The Water Horse” by
    It was all about a queen that met a horse made of water. It was quite good.
    I am also reading Docter Judy Moody at school in the moment and really enjoying it. I hope you are all enjoying your books at the moment because its good to keep reading! 🙂

  18. Miss Lee says:

    Hello Elisa, it is wonderful to hear that you have enjoyed reading all of these books! You are right, it is good to keep reading! I am looking to start a new book in the half term!

  19. Nina(´・ω・`) says:

    I have read both the book collections !
    Have you seen the movie ? ( Harry Potter )
    they are really good . The water horse sounds rather cool i will check it out .

  20. You’ll love Harry Potter.

  21. Nina(´・ω・`) says:


  22. I have been reading His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. It’s the BEST book ever, and there’s even two TV series! One is called The Northen Lights, and the second is The Subtle Knife. Me, Mrs Flood and Miss Caesy always talked about them! The saddest part in The Subtle Knife was when Lee Scorsbey died. I actually cried because
    1: he was my favourite character
    2: he loved Lyra (the main character who was a girl that everybody wanted to find) like a daughter
    3: he was nearly tortured to death becuase somebody wanted to know where Lyra was, but he kept his mouth shut for her sake and Lee managed to escape.
    The thing that surprised me the most was when Will (Lyra’s friend) and another boy who wanted to steal the subtle knife were fighting, and even though Will had to say bye bye to two fingers he didn’t scream in pain. Which was very brave.
    Lee Scorsbey is my favourite character because he is very funny, has an american accent and is the awesomest person ever.
    If I could change the ending of The Subtle Knife I think I would make Lyra fight her mother (her mum is EVIL no I’m just kidding her mum is Marisa Coulter but she still is evil) instead of Lyra just being shot by a tranquiliser dart. Also it’s a bit cruel how Marisa put Lyra in a suitcase.
    I give this a 10/10

  23. Nina(´・ω・`) says:

    Well since you are calling it greatest book ever then I may have to borrow it of you and I will judge if I agree that it’s the best book ever ( it probably will be! ).

  24. Stella 😃😄😁😆🥰 says:

    I am so reading those!
    Thanks! A lot.

  25. Oh well Nina I borrowed it off the library since they are open now but if I see it again I will borrow it for you if you want and by the way this book review was about the Subtle Knife so I think I just gave you a massive spoiler so next time I write a book review which you people may like I will put *SPOILER ALERT* at the top. And you can always watch it on Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

  26. Clare ヾ(•ω•`)o says:

    I have read Upside Down Magic, which is about a girl called Nory whos magic is all messed up. When she tries to become a dragon or a kitten, she usually becomes both of them at the same time. This could lead to some unexplainable results, as other children just like her have the same issue with their abilities. Later on in the book, she finds out a way to take control of her powers. (There is also a Part 2 of the book which is called Sticks and Stones). What I like about it is the way they describe the characters and the settings, I enjoy it a lot.

  27. Miss Lee says:

    This sounds like a very exciting book Clare! I have not heard of it before but I think I may have to give it a read now that you have recommended it!

  28. Wow! A magic mess!

  29. PG👾👾👾 says:

    I just finished reading Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods which tells us so many facts on gods which is so cool and now I’m going to start reading Percy Jackson and the Greek heroes which is facts on many different heroes (sons or daughters of gods) where they do quests and adventures
    Bye👾👾👾👾 I’m going to get reading about the deaths of monsters 🗡🗡🗡🗡☠️☠️

  30. Miss Lee says:

    It is wonderful to hear that you enjoyed our class text so much, you went onto read more from the same series! Thank you for sharing Paolo! 😃

  31. PG👾👾👾 says:

    Facts about Greek gods ( well mostly Zeus
    1.) Zeus has over 400 wife’s
    2.)Athena was born is Zeus’s inside and came out by his forehead( well when he found out it was a girl he did the same Kronos. He eat the his wife that was pregnant and one day the little goddess kicked about so then Hephaestus with his axe chopped his forehead open)
    3.) when Prometheus gave humans fire (which Zeus did not allow) Zeus gave him a punishment. He was a Titan so he could heel and they put him on a big rock with chains and everyday the same eagle would feast on his chest
    4.)One day Hermes was born and he stole something bad( Apollo’s cows)so he set of and found the hidden cows and took 50 of then with him (I mean he stuffed them in a bag and went) when Apollo found out and where he was he was forced to give the cows back by Zeus so he did (But! but Hermes had invented to music instruments which Apollo wanted more than his cows but he had to give something else to. He gave him a sharp sword winged shoes and a magic travel stick

  32. Miss Lee says:

    Wow this is A LOT of information Paolo! Thank you for sharing! Is this all that you have learnt from your Percy Jackson books? I am very impressed!

  33. Yeah lots of information. what god are you doing next? oh and I have Greek gods at home so I’m probably gonna read it.

  34. Hi!
    I want to share with you a book called Alex Rider.
    It is about this young boy who was forced into becoming a spy.

  35. Thanks for recommending this Nina!
    BTW I’m not saying anything more it’s not spoiled for anyone which wants to read it bye!

  36. 🎵🎶AmArIsSa🎵🎶 says:

    Hello everyone!
    I have been currently reading a book that you might have read.
    It is called ‘the boy at the back of the class’ .
    It is a extremely sad book,because it is about a Syrian refugee that ran away from the war in Syria,and he moved to London.There is also a boy ,but we don’t know his name yet,and he wants to be friends with that boy.

    But that’s not the main part.

    The boy,(that wants to be friends with the refugee boy,) realises that his family are left in France 🇫🇷/Greece🇬🇷 and he is afraid that they will not be reunited with their son because the borders will be closing,so they get an idea to write to the highest judge in the land,but then ,it doesn’t work out.Then,the boy gets worried and thinks of another plan.And then he gets this BIG plan

    To send a letter to the queen 👸.

    Yes,the queen of England.

  37. I saw it in class!
    👁 might read it.

  38. It love that book Amarissa I remember reading that.

  39. Nina Y5(´・ω・`) says:

    I read that book a few months ago and I couldn’t stop reading it . Amarissa have you finished it?? the ending is so good .

    During this month i have been reading a collection of books call Divergent , Insurgent , Allegiant and four
    ( i haven’t read this one ) If you have read the book ‘ Hunger games ‘ ( my favourite book ) then you will love this collection cause they are kind of similar .

    The book i am reading is about 5 fractions .
    Divergent , Abnegation , Erudite , Amity and Candor . You grow up in one of these and when your 16 you get to choose the one you belong in . I will not spoil any more but if you haven’t read or seen the hunger games you MUST read them because they are probably one of the best books in the world and my favourite . ( The hunger games is better than Divergent , Insurgent , Four and Allegiant .)

  40. And for holly’s comment, my favourite character is Nico di angelo

  41. I have started reading “The beast of Buckingham Palace” by David Walliams but it is quite good. This is because the chapters end with a lot of suspense which makes you want to read more. It is also set in the future, in 2120. And I like it so far

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