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World Book Day will be next week on Thursday 7th March. I would love to know all about your favourite book! Tell me why it’s your favourite and why you would recommend it to others.

7 comments on “Favourite book

  1. My favourite book is “ The Worlds Worst Children 3” by David Walliam. It’s my favourite book because it is funny and the book makes reading fun and isn’t boring. I recommend it to other children because everyone likes funny books!

  2. Maximilien says:

    My favourite book collection is Football Heroes. Each books tells the story of one footballer from baby to a footballer. They are my favourite books because I enjoy learning about all my football heroes and football legends. It really interests me because the characters always go through every mood: sadness, happiness, determination, disappointment…

  3. One of my favourite books are Liza and Lotte. It is my favourite book because it’s funny and there are loads of tricks played in the book which are exciting !

  4. My favourite book is Dork Diaries because it has so much drama and excitement I would recommend it to others because you can sometimes relate to what happens and it also has some funny features and absolutely hilarious pictures and jokes .😁📚I know loads of people who like this book already. I’m a big fan of it!

  5. My favourite books are the Lightning Girl books by Alesha Dixon. I would really recommend these books to anyone between the ages of 7 and 12. There are so many amazing and interesting characters and adventures that happen in these magnificent stories. The main character in these books is Aurora Beam (lightning girl) who is confused when random sparks of lightning come shooting out of her fingers at random times, but luckily her parents and best friends are by her side the whole time…

  6. My favourite book is the FING by David Walliams because it is about a greedy little girl that just wanted ONE MORE FING and is also very funny. I would recommend this book for children aged 7-11 and I would also rate it stars out of five.

  7. Jeanne Yr 5 says:

    I do not have a favourite book but I love the collection books by Enid Blyton. My favourite collections are ones of children at boarding school like Malory Towers. Enid Blyton is one of my favourite authors.

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