Houses and Homes

Our topic this term is Houses and Homes.

Can you tell me what makes your home special to you?

Maybe you have a cosy bed? Or a lovely garden?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Savage

5 comments on “Houses and Homes

  1. Eden Royle says:

    My home is special because I have two cats called Patsy and Eddie. Patsy is big and Eddie is small. We have flowers on our balcony and they are starting to grow. And I like to snuggle up with my mummy on the sofa

  2. I am lucky because I have a bedroom at home and one at my Nanny’s home. I have 2 houses and I like spending time with my mummy,daddy,Nanny,Granddad and Lola. I have a garden at my Nannies and a balcony at home. I like to grow flowers in my garden and play with my best friend Lara.

  3. Hello Miss Savage,

    I love my home because I like to play with my all toys and I like to watch on TV my favourites animated cartoons.

  4. I like playing Lego with my brother Johnny.

  5. Sebastian says:

    My house has two comfortable sofas. I have lots of toys and share a room with my sister and sometimes my brother(Moses)comes to sleep with us.

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