How are you being an energy-saving superhero?

Green Team would like to know what you and your family are doing to be energy saving superheroes. What are your best tips for saving energy at home and at school?

14 comments on “How are you being an energy-saving superhero?

  1. I am a superhero that saves energy by switching lights off, turning computers off and also turning taps off.

  2. You really are an energy-saving superhero, Jade! Maybe you can remind your teachers to do this at school too.

  3. I am a superhero saving energy by turning off heaters,all eletrical equipment and taps.

  4. Well done, Elly. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you.

  6. I also wanted to tell you that if you always have a bath after school, you waste a lot of water. Did you know that if you leave the heater on for too long it might break?

  7. My sister is in the Green Team, Aisha, and we make sure all the lights are off and we always tell daddy to turn off the laptop because he leaves it on sleep mode.
    Aisha likes to remind us and also my brother with his playstation.

  8. Wow Haleema, that was realy fantastic of you to tell your daddy to turn off his working computer. Fantastic!

  9. Great contributions, Elly and Haleema! Turning off lights and heaters when they are not needed and switching computers and playstations off completely will save a lot of energy.

  10. Thank you

  11. 0h and I wanted to tell you that it’s so cold that nearly everyone has there heating on high mode and instead you could put on a blazer, jumper or cardigan and keep warm that way.

  12. I am a superhero who turns lights off and turns off taps.

  13. I am also a superhero who turns of the interactive board and computers.

  14. I think I am a superhero that switches all the energy we use like computers,lights, phones,heaters and all the electronic stuff.

    …And always remember to switch off electric things !!!

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