London Metropolitan Archives

What was your favourite part about our trip to the London Metropolitan Archives? Don’t forget to tell us why!

16 comments on “London Metropolitan Archives

  1. Miss Hoyle says:

    My favourite part of the trip was when we got a tour of the Archives. It was so interesting to find out about how they preserve the documents for thousands of years by keeping the documents in cold, dark storage rooms in cardboard boxes.

  2. My favourite part was when we found out more about the Great Fire of London with Mr Tom.

  3. My favourite part was to design a new St. Paul’s.

  4. My favourite part was looking for the places on the map.

  5. My favourite part of the trip was finding the landmarks on the map and I also liked designing St. Pauls Cathedral. The trip was so much fun!

  6. My favourite part about the trip was when we were doing the activities because they were fun!

  7. I loved seeing the documents.

  8. Actually, I have 2 favorite parts. One is that when we were doing all the exciting activities and my delicous lunch!

  9. Hannah Year 3 says:

    Did you have a great time on your amazing trip to the archives?

  10. My favourite part of the trip was when we where doing the activities and when we saw the documents. It was amazing!

  11. My favourite part of our trip was when we did the activities.They were so much fun!I loved the part when we were drawing St. Pauls Cathedral.

  12. I love the design on Tower Bridge.

  13. I love the design of St. Paul’s Cathedral, especially the inside.

  14. My favourite part was creating our own St. Paul’s Cathedral because I love drawing.

  15. I liked the London Metropolitan Archives because we got to draw.

  16. My favourite part of the Metropolitan Museum trip was when the man gave us a tour because we learnt lots of new things.

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