Our first topic for the Autumn term is London: Then and Now

We are really lucky because this means that we will be doing both history and geography within our wider curriculum lessons. We will start in Autumn 1 by focusing on the history of London, especially the Great Fire of London! We will learn all about how and why the fire first started, and we will discover what was done to try and stop the fire from spreading, and what the King declared as law to stop it from happening in the future.

We will then move on to look at the geography of this fantastic city. We will look at the way that the way that buildings were built up around the River Thames, dating back to the Roman times! We will then study some of the famous landmarks that we can find here. Once we know all about them, we will develop our map skills and be able to accurately locate them on a map of London.

Our homework will commence from Monday 12th September, but until then, I would like you to have a think about what you are most looking forward to learning about during this fascinating topic. Read the questions below and post your answers on the blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas!

  1. Which famous landmarks have you visited in London?
  2. What would you like to find out during this topic?
  3. Do you know any interesting facts about the Great Fire of London, or any London landmarks? 

20 comments on “London: Then and Now

  1. 1. Famous Landmarks Visited :
    – Big Ben
    – Tower Bridge
    – London Eye
    – The Shard
    – The Tate Modern, The British Museum

    2. what to learn
    When the Great Fire of London started ?

    3. facts:
    – The Shard is the tallest building in London. There is a restaurant on the top.
    – Big Ben is the name of the bell not the tower
    – The Tate Modern used to be a power station

  2. Alexandra Pereira says:

    Hello Miss. Foster Adams,
    I am so excited to be in year 2. I want to learn more about London and so much more.
    1. I have visited the Natural history museum, the Science Museum, the Marble Arch, the Trafalgar Square, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, the BT Tower, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and mamy more… with my mummy and daddy.
    2. I would like to learn about old London and London today. Also how people cooked their food and how they used their chimneys.
    3. The Great Fire of London began on the 2nd of September 1666 and ended on the 6th of September 1666 in Central London. The fire started in a bakery on a street called Pudding Lane which was owned by a man called Thomas.

  3. 1. The Science Museum, the Wallace Collection, the museum with the mummies (British Museum), the Castle of Henry the 8th (Hampton Court), Kensington Palace, Big Ben.

    3. I looked at a book about the Fire of London: It started in a baker‘s house in Pudding Lane in 1666. The fire spread quickly because the houses were made of wood. The houses were close together. Some people survived, but the buildings did not survive. One did.

  4. 1.Landmarks I visited:
    1. Buckingham Palace
    2. London Eye
    3. Big Ben
    4. Trafalgar Square
    5. London Zoo
    6. Parliament House

    2. I would like to learn why do we have landmarks and how many landmarks are there and if anyone got hurt during The Great Fire of London.

    3.The Great Fire of London:
    -major Fire that happened for 4 days from Sept 2 to Sept 6 in the city of London

  5. 1. We have visited the London Eye, the British Museum, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tate Britain, Tate Modern and Trafalgar Square.

    2. I would like to learn about the Great Fire of London and where the landmarks are on a map and all about the different landmarks.

    3. The Great Fire of London started in a bakery in Pudding Lane. Samuel Pepys lived at the time of the Great Fire of London and wrote a diary. During the fire, he buried his cheese and wine in his garden to keep them safe. The King ordered buildings to be destroyed to stop the fire spreading.

  6. Alexander Y2 says:

    1) Famous Landmarks visited
    London Zoo
    Hyde park
    Science Museum
    Transport Museum

    2)Like to learn
    How the Great Fire of London was put out

    3)Interesting facts about the Great Fire of London
    1 – The Fire started on a street called Pudding Lane
    2 – The Fire lasted for 4 days
    3 – The fire influenced a popular nursery rhyme called London’s burning

  7. 1- I visited : BT tower, London zoo, Science museum, Wallace collection, London eye, Tate modern, Serpentine gallery in Hyde Park, British museum, V&A

    2- I want to learn how many people stop the fire from spreading from each other’s house and how they did it without dying. Did they get some sleep during night time.

    3- The fire started from a bakery in pudding lane because he forgot to turn off the oven well. Then the fire got bigger and bigger. They took all off the water possible but the fire lasted 4 days.

  8. Hello year 2,
    My family have been on a clipper boat on the River Thames, the big bus (you might have seen them near Baker Street), they have no top and drive all around London. Our favourite museum is The National History museum, we also visit London Zoo a lot as it is just up the road from our house.

    I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of what London used to look like and compare them to now.

    I know the Great Fire of London was started by a baker on Pudding Lane.

  9. 1- I have visited Big Ben, Tate Modern, Natural History and Science Museum, London Eye, London Zoo, British Museum and the Transport Museum
    2- I would like to know about Florence Nightingale and how they built a new London after the great fire
    3- The great fire of London started on Pudding Lane in the year 1666. The person who owned the bakers shop was called Thomas who left the oven on

  10. 1. Visited / Seen:
    – London Zoo
    – London Eye
    – London Aquarium
    – Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)
    – Buckingham Palace Gardens
    – Science Museum
    – Natural History Museum
    – Transports Museum
    – St Paul’s Cathedral
    – BT Tower
    – Paddington Station
    – Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens
    – Holland Park
    – V&A Museum
    – British Museum
    – Tate Modern
    – Picadilly Circus
    – Tower of London

    2. Would like to learn:
    – The history of all London Landmarks
    – Most important people in the history of London

    3. The Great Fire of London happened in 1666. Thomas Farriner is thought to have accidentally started the fire with his oven during the night of 2nd September 1666. London burnt for 3 days and nobody could control the fire.

  11. Alda & Louis says:

    1. We have visited London Zoo, Big Ben, Natural History and Science Museum. We have done a river boat tour on the Thames and an open bus tour of the city.

    2. We would like to understand how it has grown and changed over the years. Also, we would like to know how house were built in the time of the great fire.

    3. The great fire started in a bakery and last for four days. The fire spread quickly because the houses were made of wood and thatch and were built close together.

  12. I have visited over the years many places but here are some of my favourites. Tower of London and Tower Bridge, the War Museum, the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey Cathedral, the Buckingham Palace Road, the National History Museum and Science Museum. I would you like to find out during this topic about curiosity and facts that makes those landmarks important. My mum said the Fire of London was in September 1666 it last for 4 days and burned 13.000,00 homes.

  13. 1.I have visited the following landmarks:
    – Big Ben
    – The Shard
    – London Eye
    – London Bridge
    – Tower Bridge
    – Trafalgar Square
    – National History Museum
    – British Museum
    2. I am very curious to learn about the fire of London and how the buildings were made at the time. I would like to know why the buildings were all built together and not with a gap in between to stop the fire.
    3. The fire starts early Sunday morning in Thomas Farriner’s Bakery In pudding lane and lasted 4 days. On Tuesday St. Paul’s Cathedral was destroyed by the fire. Samuel Pypes recorded the events in his diary.

  14. I have been to these London Landmarks:
    Big Ben
    Regents Park
    Buckingham Palace
    London Zoo
    Hyde Park
    The Shard
    London Bridge
    Tower Bridge
    National History Museum

    2) I want to learn the rules that happened after the Great Fire of London.

    3) The Great Fire of London started in a bakery. A baker forgot to put the fire out. The first person to get burnt was a girl because she was too scared to go o the roof. The fire spread and spread.

  15. I have visited these landmarks: London Bridge, Buckingham palace, the zoo, British museum, Natural history museum and a boat on the river Thames.

  16. 1.Trafalgar Square, The British Museum, London Zoo (Penguin house), The Tate Modern, The National Gallery, The Science Museum, The Natural HIstory Museum, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, London Eye, Somerset House, BT Tower, Paddington Station

  17. I really enjoyed our topic this term. I will now tell you the names of landmarks that I have visited .
    .Houses of Parliament
    .National Gallery
    .Imperial War Museum
    . Wallace Collection
    .Battersea Power Station
    .Tower of London
    .Museum of London
    .Trafalgar Square
    .Churchill War Rooms
    l would like to learn more about our topic, and I am really excited to learn all about Florence Nightingale and food and farming! And a big, big thank you to Miss Forster Adams for all the teaching so far this year!
    I would like to learn more about our topic ,and Iamrea

  18. My two favourite landmarks are the Shard and the Monument. The Shard is the 2nd tallest building in Europe!! The Shard is the 96th tallest building in the world.

  19. Landmarks I visited:
    – London Eye
    – Houses of Parliament
    – Tower of London
    –Tower Bridge
    – Walkie Talkie
    – Shard
    – London Museum
    – Buckingham palace
    – Florence Nightingale Museum
    – River Thames

    The London Eye is the world’s largest cantilevered.

  20. All the Landmarks my dad has visited:
    – London Eye
    – Houses of Parliament
    – Tower of London
    –Tower Bridge
    – Walkie Talkie
    – Shard
    – London Museum
    – Buckingham palace
    _ River Thames
    At 135 m The London Eye is the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel.

    The Tower of London is 27 metres.

    Tower Bridge It is about 240 metres (800 feet) in length.

    Walkie Talkie Opened in 2014, the 34-floor building was designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly and cost more than £200 million to build. The Shard is 306 metres tall, however if you measure all the way up to the tip, it’s 310 met.

    The london museum in 2016, the museum announced it would be closing its London Wall site and moving to a set of disused market buildings in West Smithfield in 2021. The new site will increase the museum’s size from 17,000 square metres to over 27,000.

    Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms. These include 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. In measurements, the building is 108 metres long across the front, 120 metres deep (including the central quadrangle) and 24 metres high.

    The River Thames is 702 ft.

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