Our new topic this half term is  ‘Minibeasts!’

A ‘minibeast’ is any animal that is smaller than a mouse. Can you tell us about any minibeasts you have seen? Can you tell us about any minibeasts you already know about? Can you tell us your favourite minibeast and why?

We can’t wait to hear!

14 comments on “Minibeasts

  1. Miriam Casey says:

    Miriam says: “I know a lot about dragonflies. They have four wings and they can fly. I also know that ants eat all types of food, like apples and corn! I like ants because they make little holes in dirt. At school there are ants all over the dirt. They make holes in the dirt and go back into their homes. Ants live in underground homes. Ants are my favorite minibeast.”

  2. Zeyn Alic says:

    Zeyn says ‘I like bees. They make honey. I like honey on my toast and on my bagel. Also I know ants carry leaves on their back to make their nest.’

  3. Weslley Rosa Aguiar says:

    Weslley loves all the minibeasts he always follow them in the garden and we usually see lady birds, spiders, bees, ants and flys but his favorite one is the centopeias he is amazed of how they move around. My family loved minibeasts too my brother likes butterflies his favourite species is Blue Morpho, my mum likes bush cricket and my dad likes Titan Beetles.

  4. Mrs Knowler says:

    I love our Mini Beast topic. It it so interesting! My favourite mini beast is a dragonfly. They are beautiful. We have learned this poem:

    I’d like to be a dragon
    And fly across the sky
    I’d like to be a dragon
    Or be a dragonfly.

  5. Isabella Romana Hauschildt says:

    Isabella says “i love butterflies because they are so colourful. I see them in our garden, they are usually yellow or white but I would love to see a blue butterfly too. Sometimes I try to catch them but it is very difficult.

    There are lots of ants in the garden too and they dig little holes.
    Ants are always fun and they eat all types of food and sometimes we see them carrying things on their back too.”

  6. My favourite minibeast is called a water boatman. Sometimes it’s called a pond skater. You can find them in ponds. I like this minibeast because it looks as though it is skating on top of the water.

  7. Miss Jones says:

    Wow! Well done Nursery, I have loved reading your facts about minibeasts!
    It has been great to share these in class with everyone too!
    My favourite minibeast is a bumble bee. I love how clever they are because they can make honey! I really like eating honey on toast!
    Did you know that slugs have four noses?!

  8. Daryna says her favourite mini beast is butterfly. She says: “Caterpillar eats lots of food. Then it becomes a cocoon and later it changes into butterfly.”

  9. Kiyan says ‘ I like butterflies cause they can fly. I also like bees cause they make honey and I like the sound they make.’

  10. Sonny favourite minibeast is a titan beetle as they are the largest of the beetle family & they fly, really enjoyed minibeast topic

  11. Sonny favourite minibeast is titan beetle as it’s the largest of the minibeast family really enjoyed learning about beetles

  12. Marguerite van Roosendaal says:

    Douce says : “My favourite mini-beast are butterflies. I love them because they are pretty and can have all the colour of the rainbow on their wings. Butterflies used to be caterpillars. The caterpillars become a cocoon and stay like this for two weeks before they turn into a butterfly”

  13. Miriam says (in response to the comment from Miss Jones): “slugs have 4 noses and cows have four stomachs! I love bees too because every evening I have toast with peanut butter and honey…I love leaning about mini beasts and they begin with M like my name! …What is the next topic we learn about at school?”

  14. Samy says: i love ladybirds because they can fly and also they are very pretty and harmless. I love this topic.

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