This term, we will be using North and South America to learn about the difference between physical and human geography.

Earth maps courtesy of NASA:

What is a biome? Over the next 11 weeks, we’ll be looking at the rainforests of South America and the deserts of North America, analysing the physical features, comparing climates and how they impact population and land-use.

The rainforests will offer us the opportunity to learn all about their vegetation and wildlife, as well as how people have adapted to living there.  The Grand Canyon is a fascinating landscape and we look forward to learning about its formation and the erosion of the Colorado River, as well as the impact of tourism.

This is an exciting topic and a wonderful opportunity to take a look at another part of the world that is very different to our own.

Each week our curriculum homework will link to the topic and you’ll be able to apply skills and knowledge you learn in your homework into our curriculum lessons.

To begin with, I’d like you to think of three questions you’d like answered about North and South America and post your questions in the blog. Once you have posted your own questions, have a go at finding out the answer to somebody else’s question and share your answer here on the blog.

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  1. James Year 5😁 says:

    My three questions are ,

    How many different biomes are there?
    How many countries are in North and South America together?
    Which country has the most population in North or South America and is the weather good or bad there?

  2. Dear Mr. Aitken,

    I can’t wait to learn about this topic.
    I really like rainforests and deserts and I LOVE learning about canyons and rivers.

  3. Question 1: How many animals live in the Amazon Rain forest?

    Question 2: Which is bigger? North America or South America?

    Question 3: Which is bigger? Canada or Brazil?

  4. Why is South America so hot

    why is there a lot of sand in the centre of North America

    Who is the king of north and South America

  5. 08.01.24 North and South America

    3 questions I have about north and South America are…

    1) why is north and South American significant and important for us to understand

    2) Are there any specific people who stand out in that country or did something that people that live there find special

    3) who were the people that lived there and how does north and South America impact our daily lives today

  6. 1. Why is Alaska not connected to the rest of the USA?
    2. As French Guiana is so far away from France, what does it have to do with France?
    3. Is there any jungle in Argentina?

  7. What are the three largest countries in North America?
    What South American city has the biggest population?
    Does the Amazon river run through South America?

  8. 1)I would want to know if the Amazon forest has the most
    discovery’s in the world.

    2)Is Canada the coldest country in the world?

    3) What are the names of the people who are carved on Mount Rushmore?

  9. I know lots of places in north America such as Canada,Chicago ,New York and loads of other places too.
    From the South i know Brazil,Argentina ,Colombia and Chile.
    My questions are:
    Which is the smallest country in South America?
    Have you ever been to North America? Are there any famous actors from South America?The Answer to the question which is the driest place in South America is :
    The Atacama desert.

  10. How large is the Amazon rain forest in South America?
    How many species of snakes are there in South America?
    How many states are in North America?

  11. What is the population of south America?
    Are there any endangered animals in north and south America?
    Are there any popular foods in north America?

  12. Three things that I would like to know are.
    1. What type of food do they eat in the different countries.?
    2.What animals live in the different climate zones.?
    3. Which is the most populous country?

  13. My three questions i have made are here
    1.what is the biggest tornado that was in one of the states in America? there any history that lies down the era of north and south America? it true that the USA stole the precious bell from Philippines
    Also I don’t know if I’m allowed to answer this question but I’m going to answer it anyway-
    a biome is a place where different animals live or where different climates or weathers.

  14. Margaux Year 5 says:

    First Question: What is the capital of Suriname?
    Second Question: What are the three largest countries in North America?
    Third Question: What makes South America different from North America?

  15. Tomi Year 5 says:

    I Have 3 Questions
    Number 1:Why isn’t North and South America named North Columbia and South Columbia because Christopher Columbus discovered America but it was named after Americo Vespuchi.I wonder why🤔
    Number 2: Why did American presidents like John F Kenedy or Uncle Sam I the 50’s to the 70’s hate Communist so much instead of just minding they’re own business and bombarding every Communist country and even started wars like the Korean war and the Vietnam war.
    Number 3:Why are the North American countries so rich like The U.S.A. ,Canada or even Mexico they all have very high GDP but Mexico is very warm,The U.S.A. has a lot of Polution and Canada is very cold.I wonder why they are so rich?🤔

  16. Reply to 1)
    It is far from certain that America was actually named after Vespucci. Some people also think that America was not named after him because places of discovery are usually named after a person’s surname. Those people think that America was named Richard Amerike, a wealthy English merchant who lived in the 15th century.
    Some say that in 1507 the cartographer Martin Waldseemüller made one of the first maps to depict the ‘New World’ and he was under the mistaken impression that Amerigo Vespucci had discovered the land mass and so he named the southern part of the continent ‘America’. Later on he found out about his error and deleted Vespucci’s name from further editions but by that time the name ‘America’ had stuck to the whole continent so it was too late to change that name.
    Another reason might be that Columbus was disgraced by the Spanish court for his sympathetic treatment of the native population and Vespucci was instead glorified as the ‘discoverer’ of the Americas

  17. Mr Aitken,

    My three questions are…
    What is a biome?
    Which continent has the most population?
    How many countries are there in the bot places together?

    So excited,

  18. James Year 5😁 says:

    Dear Taha,
    I will answer your three questions.

    1. South America is so hot because Parts of South America are sweltering under abnormally hot temperatures – despite being in the depths of winter – as the combination of human-caused climate change.

    2. There is lots of sand in the middle of North America because The three major desert regions of North Americathe Sonoran, Mojave, and Chihuahuanare all in the American southwest and northern Mexico. These large deserts are located in the rain shadows of nearby mountains. The mountains block precipitation and accelerate the movement of hot, dry wind over these regions.
    3. The king/queen of north and south America are in monarchies. The United Kingdom possesses a number of overseas territories in the Americas, for whom King Charles III is monarch. In North America are Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Montserrat, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, while the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia and the

  19. Juliet Year5:) says:

    My three questions are…

    Why is it that in South America only Brazil speak a different language?
    Why is Washington D.C the capital city of North America?
    How is new Mexico not in Mexico?

  20. Jaidee 🎀 says:

    My Three Questions Are :

    Which has more countries South America or North America ?
    What are the languages spoken in both North and South America ?
    Which has a bigger population North or South America ?

  21. Aluna /)(◑⪧◑/) ░▒▓● says:

    1. Why is North America popular(half a million) and what makes it popular

    2. How long is the Amazon River
    wait a sec there’s a river called the ohio river

    3. Why is Ohio even called Ohio tho ¯\_(●⪧●)_/¯


  22. I will answer Daniela’s first question. The biggest tornado that was in one of the states in America was the Tri-State Tornado on March 18,1925. Almost 700 people were killed and 2,000 were injured. The enormous storm affected people in Missouri, Illinois and India.

  23. The three questions I would like to know more about are:

    What foods were originated from South America?

    What is the most spoken language in South America?

    Why the largest rainforest in the world, Amazon in South America is called “the lungs of the earth”?

    I choose to answer this question:

    How many countries are in North and South America together?

    There are 35 countries in North and South America. North America has 23 countries, and South America has 12 countries. Additionally, there are 22 dependent territories located in North America and 3 in South America. Independent country has its own government and it’s not controlled by another country.

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