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We know that Lent is a time for growing in love. Our Lent promises were all about trying to be more like Jesus by being very kind to others.

Can you tell us every time you do something kind ?

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  1. I let my sister Gabrielle have my scooter.

  2. Miss Siswick says:

    That was very kind, Hermine. Well done.

  3. Mrs Knowler says:

    That was lovely of you.
    It would be nice to hear when people have been kind to all of you too.

  4. My sister told me stories about my teddy bear when I was sad. It made me feel happy.

  5. Miss Siswick says:

    I am so glad that you and your sister are finding ways to be kind to each other, Hermine.

  6. Mrs Knowler says:

    I like to hear stories about sisters and brothers are being kind to each other. I keep getting lovely messages from my own sisters. They send some silly ones that make me laugh too!

  7. I gave my sister a cuddle and a kiss today.

  8. Miss Siswick says:

    Well done, Nicolas. I’m glad that you’re being kind to Sophia.

  9. I let Hector have my cupcake yesterday because he didn’t have one.

  10. Miss Siswick says:

    That was very kind, Leopold. I hope that Hector shares something with you today.

  11. Mrs Knowler says:

    It is lovely to hear all about the kind things you are doing. Keep telling us because it makes us happy. ☺️

  12. Mrs. Knowler told me that you were talking about being kind and I want to tell you this. The postman rang my mummy’s doorbell this morning and he talked to her from the street. He wanted to know if she was ok and said he would check again tomorrow. My mummy lives on the first floor and is very old. I hope you are all being kind.

  13. I helped my mummy tidy up and gave her a hug because she had lots to do. I played with my dog because he looked sad.

  14. Miss Siswick says:

    Well done, Grace. I’m sure that your mummy and Eric feel very happy that you were so kind to them.

  15. Yesterday I helped my mum make muffins and helped her clean up.

  16. Miss Siswick says:

    Well done, Ania. It sounds as if you and your mum had fun together and it was kind to help to clean up.

  17. Mrs Knowler says:

    I could not decide what to have for lunch today. Then I remembered that Miss Siswick had bought me two hot cross buns last week. I ate one on the day and had put one in my freezer. It was scrummy. Thank you Miss for being so kind.

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