Nursery Topic: Minibeasts

Hello, Nursery!

Our new topic is Minibeasts!

I would love to hear anything you already know about Minibeasts.

I would also love to hear what you would like to find out about Minibeasts.

l am looking forward to hearing all of your fantastic ideas.

Love from Miss Siswick.


8 comments on “Nursery Topic: Minibeasts

  1. Caroline Arrou-Vignod says:

    Ariane loves watching snails when it rains, she has been feeding them lettuce and is also now noticing spider webs and bees/flies. She would like to know more about butterfly how they are born etc..
    great topic ! thanks miss Siswick

  2. Miss Siswick says:

    We have too many snails in the growing area and they are eating our beanstalks!
    We learned all about the life cycle of butterflies this week so that was lucky!

  3. Robi’s favourite minibeasts are butterflies, especially the ones with a lot of colours. He has also learnt about spiders lately and finds their webs vey sticky.
    He would like to know more about caterpillars and why you find them in different colours.

  4. Charlie is interested in ants we seem to have quite a lot in the garden at the moment Charlie tells us they carry their food on their back

  5. Sebastian saw how little insects attacked our plant on a balcony. He would love to find out more about the bees what they do and how they live.

  6. Elisse likes the song about the life cycle of caterpillar that she had learned from nursery! She says her favourite mini beasts are butterflies and ladybirds and she would like to learn more about the latter!

  7. Erin knows the life cycle of a butterfly, over the Easter holidays we had caterpillars and watched them form their cocoon. She found it fascinating and loved reading the hungry caterpillar story too.
    She has a great book about mini beasts and would love to learn about them all.

  8. Guerlain says:

    Guerlain would like to know about spiders which don’t bite! She is worried about spiders which do bite – she doesn’t want to go to the jungle. Please help Guerlain understand that spiders can be safe 🙂

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