Our first topic in Year 2 is…
This topic allows us to explore the wonderful city that we live in. A big focus of ours will be the Great Fire of London. We will learn about how the fire started, and look at the ways in which people reacted. We will also look closely at the way the city has changed over time, as we identify key landmarks across London.

To get us thinking about our new topic, read the questions below and post your answers on the blog! I look forward to reading about your ideas!

1.What famous landmarks have you visited in London?
2.What would you like to learn about during our London topic?

11 comments on “Our New Topic of London

  1. I have been to London Zoo, Regents Park, Buckingham Palace and lots of Museums.

    I have seen Big Ben and the London Eye.

    I want to learn about the Grest Fire of London and maybe about the Tower of London.

  2. I have been to Selfridges, London Zoo, Hyde Park, Regents Park, Battersea Park, Tower Bridge, Pollocks Toy Museum and The British Museum.

    I would like to learn about the Great Fire of London.

  3. I have been to many museums including my favourites = The British Museum, the London Transport Museum and the Natural History Museum.

    I would like to learn about the history of London Underground, buses and taxis.

  4. I’ve visited Buckingham palace, the London Eye, London Bridge, Emirates cable cars, Hyde park, Regents Park, Southbank, Science Museum, Natural History museum, Hamleys, Primrose Hill, Covent Garden.
    I’d like to learn how many landmarks there are in London and which ones I wantto go visit.

  5. I have been to Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Wallace Collection, British Museum, London Opera House, Hamley’s.

    I would like to learn about the history of the museums of London.

  6. I visited the British museum, The Shard, The Wallace Collection, The National Gallery, The Natural History Museum, The tower of London and Buckingham Palace.
    Also I went to St Paul cathedral.
    The zoo and Selfridges.
    Are parks landmarks as well ?

    I would like to know when was the great fire of London ?

  7. I have been to museum of London to see what happened in 1666.
    I have also been to St Pauls Cathedral, the London zoo, Pollocks Toy museum , the Barbcan, the Natural History Museum,the V&A to see Alice in Wonderland, Hampstead Heath and the Walkie Talkie building.
    I want to keep learning about the Great Fire of London to learn some interesting facts.

  8. I have been to St. Paul’s, Tower Bridge, London zoo, The British Museum to do some Japanese printing, Monument, The Barbican, The Natural History Museum, The Sky Gardens which is the roof of the Walkie Talkie and The London Transport Museum.

    I want to learn about why was Tower Bridge made.

  9. Madeleine says:

    Dear miss Forster Adams,I loved the Topic of the Great Fire of London especially when we made our own monuments.It was great fun.Thank you for leaving some time to do it.

  10. Dear Miss Forster Adams I loved doing work about the Great Fire of London.
    It was so much fun ,especially are assembly .

  11. Well done year 2!

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