This half term we will be looking at patterns.

Think about a raindrop when it hits a puddle, what pattern does it make in the water?

The liturgical calendar is a repeating pattern, what big celebration are you looking forward to next?

Can you sing the ‘Little Green Frog’ song to your family? Can you hear the pattern in the words and music?

Patterns are everywhere! If you spot an interesting pattern, please record it on the blog so I can share it with the class.

You could also bring in a picture or object that shows patterns on your treasure day.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Miss Savage and the Reception Team

3 comments on “Patterns

  1. I really like the orange and white pattern on Clown Fish.

  2. I like watching the giraffes and the patterns which are funny!

  3. Animals have lots of patterns.
    My favourite animal pattern is the one on cows.
    I like patterns.

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