Percy Jackson and Odysseus

In class we have been reading ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ by Rick Riordon as well as the Greek epic poem ‘The Odyssey’ that tells of the return journey of Odysseus to the island of Ithaca from the war at Troy.

Just like Odysseus, Percy also has a quest to complete. Can you compare the novel to the adventures of Odysseus? How is Percy similar to Odysseus?

Can you defend your argument with examples from the text?

During half-term think about how the author manages to grab your interest through their novel.

Please share your thoughts by responding to this blog!

15 comments on “Percy Jackson and Odysseus

  1. Sacha and Arthur says:

    Percy Jackson was in America but Odysseus was in Greece.They both completed tasks.They both had something to do with Greek Gods.

  2. I think the Odyssey is a bit similar to Percy Jackson because it includes mythical creatures like the cyclops and in Percy Jackson it includes the minotaur. To me, Percy is similar to Odysseus because they are both strong for example when Percy gets the minotaur horn and when Odysseus blinds the cyclops. I really like this novel and it gets more mysterious and interesting after every page I read.

  3. For Sergio, also all the creatures Percy and Odysseus faced are not creatures we see today.

  4. They are similar because it has so many obstacles for example when Odysseus went to the island where he found the Cyclops which is one of the obstacles and linking it to Percy Jackson he went to camp half blood on the way there he killed the minatour.

    The thing that all Greek myths and books have in common are types of obstacles.

  5. Maximilien says:

    Percy and Odysseus are both Demi-Gods, they both have a godly parent.
    Percy will lead a quest Odysseus as Odysseus lead his soldiers into the quest of going back home. They also both have Greek godly blood in them, and they also fought mythical creatures: Odysseus and the cyclop, Percy Jackson and the minotaur.

  6. They are similar because Odysseus faces a quest and so does Percy- they both have to leave or lose a family member.

  7. That’s right Maryana but at the end they both see their loved one again (not sure for Percy).

  8. As Javier said, I think Odysseus and Percy competed and risked their lives. In their stories they both had monstrous creatures like for Odysseus a cyclop and for Percy a minotaur.

  9. Good point Sacha

  10. I think Odysseus was similar to Percy Jackson because they both were really strong and intelligent for example Odysseus had a good idea when he decided to give the wooden horse as a gift but actually some men were hiding inside. Or when Percy Jackson beat the Minotaur. They also both have mythical creatures the cyclopes or the Minotaur. Odysseus and Percy also both have a god or goddess that appears inside like most myths Athena, Dionysus…
    When I read Percy Jackson I always want to continue the book until the end but I have to stop. I think this is because the author builds up suspense and excitement.

  11. That’s right Jade and in those books they make the suspense greater so we can’t stop reading them.

  12. They are both very similar because they both relate to different Greek gods and goddesses that they might pray to them if they needed protection. They also talk about lots of different types of monsters in Percy Jackson such as the Minotaur and the Cyclops.

  13. I think both Percy and Odysseus are similar because they both love their families a lot, although Percy thinks of his Dad, but doesn’t necessarily ‘love’ him.

  14. Laetitia says:

    I agree with Haleema , but Percy is also missing his Mum the same way Odysseus misses his wife / son. Sometimes, they both don’t think very much, like in Percy Jackson he doesn’t really think much when he battles the Minotaur and Odysseus doesn’t think when he shouts back at Cyclops. I really look forward to reading further on.

  15. Percy Jackson and Odysseus are quite similar because they both have a quest to fulfill. For example Percy was on a quest to find Zeus lightning bolt to bring harmony to Mount Olympus. Yet, Odysseus is trying to get back to his kingdom, Ithica. They also are both trying to see their families. Percy wants his mother to return from the underworld. Odysseus, since he was the King of Ithica, wanted to get back to his people and wife. They both also include gods and are both based on Ancient Greek mythology.

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