Reception Weekly Homework: 16th September (Religious Education)

Hello Reception!

This term, you will find all of your homework activities on the school website. Here are some quick links to help you find them:

Wednesday Word-The weekly Religious Education activity.

Termly Reception Maths activities

Termly Reception Language and Literacy activities

Reception Reading Blog

Our first topic for Religious Education is ‘Myself’.

We are learning about how and why we are all different and why we are all special because God made us all unique.

This week at home, can you  create something that shows how God made you different and unique and upload a photo of what you have made?

I am really looking forward to hearing about and seeing your learning at home.

Love from Miss Walsh. 

It would really help me if you could upload photos  straight to the media file (instructions are here: sharing photos and files) as they get to me more quickly and easily as they don’t have to go via the office and my e-mail. Please can either your child’s name or face (but not both) be visible on any photos. Many thanks.

3 comments on “Reception Weekly Homework: 16th September (Religious Education)

  1. “Things that God made my unique is my head, my brain, my belly button and my belly. My hand. My foot. My toes.

    Thank you God, you are the goodest creature. Amen”

  2. Dear Mrs Walsh,

    I made a picture of me. God made me different and unique

  3. Hello Miss Walsh

    God made me with a little birthmark on my little toe. I have drawn a picture of it.

    Love Joey

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